Your help is necessary #WeAreAllDominican #BlackLivesMatter #NoMasRacismoRD #Not1MoreRacistDeportation

Imagine that your family left Haiti 3 generations ago and settled in the Dominican Republic. You were born in the DR. You speak only Spanish and you dance a slow bachata when the music moves you. Then one day you're stripped of your Dominican citizenship and labeled a "migrant" , "Haitian", and "illegal" by a ruling that goes against the DR's own constitution. This week, you and your family are violently rounded up, beaten, and pushed across the border to Haiti, a country you've never been to. What would you want the world to do?

As the deadline for "regularization" passed this week, the DR created the largest population on stateless people in the Western Hemisphere- over 200,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent now live in fear in the shadows. here is how you can help:

  • 6/20 Saturday @ 12 p.m.- NYC "Black Lives Matter in La Republica Dominicana"

  • 6/21 Sunday  @ 10 a.m. - I will be on the Melissa Harris Perry Show on msnbc to raise awareness on this human rights issue in the DR

  • 6/22 Monday @5:30 p.m.- DC "March to the Dominican Embassy"

  • 6/25  Thursday @2 p.m.- Miami "March from Haiti Consulate to DR Consulate"

  • Express your concern using this template! Write to your Congressperson and the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Dominican Embassy in the U.S.:

  • Sign the White House Petition.

  • Raise awareness wherever you go. Here is a fact sheet to share with anyone interested. 

  • Tweet! Tell the U.S. Embassy in the DR that you're concerned about their silence in the face of human rights abuses: @EmbajadaUSAenRD

#WeAreAllDominican #BlackLivesMatter #NoMasRacismoRD #Not1MoreRacistDeportation