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France Francois is a writer, activist, and changemaker  striving for a  better world.

Redemption, Atonement, and Hugging Amber Guyger

I believe in redemption- I couldn't do the work that I do if I did not believe that we are not defined by the worst thing we or our societies have ever done. However, while forgiveness can (not should) be extended to all, people like Amber should have to work towards real atonement for the harm they've caused us. This is solely the work of the perpetrator, the victims owe them nothing- no emotional labor and no hugs.

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France Francois
Are black expats freer abroad than in the USA?

After watching I Am Not Your Negro, as a current expat, I was not surprised that James Baldwin left the USA of the 1960s and 70s and went into a self-imposed exile in France. I reached out to fellow black expats and asked them a simple question: Do you feel freer outside of the US?  I was taken aback by the overwhelming responses I received: 

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