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France Francois



France Francois is a multi-passionate writer, activist, and change agent transforming communities of color around the globe by redefining the way their stories are told and how we impact their lives. She left Egypt, where she had been working with refugees, to return to her country of birth. France worked on social issues in international development projects in post-earthquake Haiti, acting as a conduit for getting the voice of the community to decision-makers and helping the resources of decision makers flow to make a direct impact.

Throughout her career, France has been a leading voice shaping how policymakers and the public address  aid accountability, social inclusion, justice, immigration, and human rights issues. Her Facebook post asking people to “not donate to the American Red Cross” for Haiti relief went viral and is often quoted by politicians and journalists alike. Notably, as the founder of Rights for All in the Dominican Republic, she also organized an international coalition to advocate against human rights violations in the Dominican Republic that was successful in getting US visas revoked from human rights abusers at the highest levels of the Dominican government.

When France left the policy world of DC to spend two years abroad in Panama, it became obvious to her that, whether in Cairo or Cap-Haitian, Brooklyn or Bocas, Dominican Republic or Detroit, rampant inequality plagued communities of color. France has since made it her mission to shape a more equitable future by building global platforms to drive impact in disenfranchised communities. France's expertise is a draw for media outlets, invluding MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, Ebony, The Miami Herald, and in the Washington Post.