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France Francois is a writer and an activist linking the black experience globally. 


Are black expats freer abroad than in the USA?

After watching I Am Not Your Negro, as a current expat, I was not surprised that James Baldwin left the USA of the 1960s and 70s and went into a self-imposed exile in France. I reached out to fellow black expats and asked them a simple question: Do you feel freer outside of the US?  I was taken aback by the overwhelming responses I received: 

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How to Dance the Congo Dance

We often dance without knowing the history behind the music, as if it was the music moving us from a time long ago rather than us moving to the music. However, if we lose our culture and history, we are enslaved once more.  Thus, I’ve tried to capture the spirit behind the Congo dance of Portobelo so that we know, in this instant, why we dance.

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